Gerbracht GmbH

Exklusive industrial signs since 1949.

We shape history!

For over 60 years we are on the signs – Specializes in manufacturing. These are mainly metal signs or metal casting Signs / metal-cast plates of different materials: both brass signs and aluminum signs, and bronze plates, stainless steel plates, etc. We provide metal plates or cast signs for every imaginable project here – regardless of whether you need equipment signs, plaques, plaques or company brand labels!

About the Signs – production, our service also includes labeling of the metal plates by industrial engraving. This all cast plates can be provided with industrial engraving – brass plate as well as aluminum plates, bronze plates or stainless steel plates. Our tools and capabilities also allow industrial engraving of plastics.

Get advice on the form and appearance of your industry labels, company brand signs, plaques, commemorative plaques, etc. – we’ll prepare a custom quote for your metal casting Signs / metal-casting signs and industrial engraving!